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Aphid 控制 in Your 花园

Hemiptera : Aphididae

Aphids are sap-sucking insects related to 木虱粉虱Scale Insects 而且 水蜡虫. Aphids are major 害虫 of ornamental 而且 productive plants, 有些种类(如绿桃蚜)可能传播病毒 疾病 between plants.

If the weather is warm 而且 moist, food is abundant, 这些条件是蚜虫数量快速增长的理想条件. There are about 175 species of Aphids in Australia, the vast majority of them are introduced species. You are more likely to find Aphids on 蔬菜 和异国情调的 ornamental plants 比 本地植物.

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